A MEMORIAL SERVICE WAS HELD ON SAT. MARCH 28TH, 2009 AT BATTELL CHAPEL, Yale University, at 3:00pm. All were cordially invited. Over 800 in attendance! DVD available through the Yale Glee Club office.

Service details: Tom Murray, University Organist, started the prelude 20 minutes before the 3 p.m. service began. There were performances by The Yale Glee Club, The Yale Alumni Chorus, The Whiffenpoofs of 2009, The SLOT's, and The University Glee Club of New Haven. A magnificent, and humbling, tribute.

Contributions in memory of Fenno may be sent to the
North Congregational Church P.O. Box 307 New Hartford CT 06057.

Condolences may be sent directly to the family (Carol, Sarah, Lucy, Peggy, Terry) at pogilvy@comcast.net

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F F Heath Jr. 12-30-1926 to 12-05-2008

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~Carol, Sarah, Lucy, Peggy, and Terry Heath

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Fenno Memories

What a gift your family has given us by allowing us to share all these memories with you and with each other. As I sit at my computer, I am listening to the Yale Glee Club album (yes, we still have a turntable), and periodically refreshing the blog site to read other postings. So many of the Fenno-isms are right on target, and bring back such vivid memories.

I have such a clear mental image of that I-just-ate-a-mealy-apple face as you listened to a particular sloppy passage, rubbing the fingers of one hand together as if that would somehow clean up the mess we were making. And of you pointing to the alto section (which actually meant pointing to where the altos would have been had they not been standing mixed), always with that insistent finger, trying to get more of that all-important 3rd-of-a-chord from them. And the hand flying this way and that, with or without the glasses dangling from the fingers, often crashing into the music stand as you made some insistent point about phrasing or pronunciation. And the warm-ups (eeyaw, eeyaw) with jaw lax, or jowls shaking. And the energy with which you sat down (and stood up!) to play the football medley. And as mentioned elsewhere, those few strands of hair you would pull straight up, to try to get us back in tune.

Glee Club reunions only feel like Glee Club reunions when you're there, Fenno. You can hear that we're all missing you already, but your music and your influence will live on, even longer than the Glee Club albums which some of us still listen to when we want to go back a little in time.

Mark J. Polisar, '84

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